Act 2 · Walkthrough

Act 2

Hello Stylists!

Below are the outfits I used for Act 2 – These are the outfits that I used in Princess mode – Therefore it should work in both Maiden and Princess mode. Please keep in mind that scores may vary according to your ‘skills’.

Note: Momo’s reminders in Maiden Mode (on the bottom left of the screen) are extremely useful!

To be able to move on to Act 2, you will have to have completed the ‘Panda Dreamland’ Suit:)

2-1: Lilith Cutie Yoko

Score: 83777(S)
Style: Pure Gorgeous Cute Cool Lively 
Hair: Princess Curls
Top: Bunny Pocket – Pink
Bottom: Scattered Pearl
Socks: Memorial of Growth
Shoes: Joyful Childhood – Pink
Necklace: Silk Ribbon
Bracelet: Magic Destiny
Handheld: Rose Love, Gentle Dance
Special: Memorial Day

2-2 Cicia, Capital of Art

Score: 69493 (S)
Style: Lively Cute Simple Warm Pure
Hair: Dynamic Maiden
Coat: Trimmed T-Shirt
Top: Camouflage Vest
Bottom: Worn Jeans
Socks: Memorial of Growth
Shoes: Joyful Bunny
Makeup: Cloud Lady
Headwear: Verdant Leaf
Earring: First Bloom
Necklace: Natural Gift, Star Necklace
Bracelet: Red Watch
Handheld: Gift Box
Special: Talent’s View, Elegant Angel

2-3: Caught by the Manager!

Score: 88827 (S)
Style: Mature Sexy Simple Warm Elegance 
Hair: Princess Azhar
Coat: Moonlight Serenade
Top: Elite Shirt
Bottom: Pointed Beauty
Socks: Galaxy Sock welt, Lunar Knight
Shoes: Array of Stars
Makeup: Moment Like a Dream
Headwear: Verdant Leaf
Earring: Fringed Earring – Pink
Necklace: Natural Gift, Purple Bowtie
Handheld: Timely Bloom, Leather Purse
Special: Elegant Angel


2-4: Toto, Girl in Love! (2)

Score: 79690 (S)
Style: Pure Cute Warm Simple Lively 
Hair: Cat Girl
Coat: Soda Beverage
Top: Bunny Pocket – Pink
Bottom: Well-rounded
Socks: Cotton Socks – Blue
Shoes: Cute Tea-cup Rabbit
Necklace: Rabbits Love Poem
Bracelet: Magic Destiny
Handheld: Rabbit Ears Teapot, Gentle Dance

2-5: Lisa’s Casual Clothes

Score: 64672 (S)
Style: Lively Simple Pure Warm Mature 
Hair: Dynamic Maiden
Coat: Social Practice
Top: Endless Knowledge
Bottom: Well-rounded
Socks: Memorial of Growth
Shoes: Learning Journey
Necklace: Star Necklace
Special: Guardian Time, Elegant Angel, Memorial Day

2-6: Sport Girl Aron (2)

Score: 67964 (S)
Style: Cool Elegance Cute Pure Gorgeous
Hair: Childlike Lop
Coat: Glowworm Dust
Dress: Tranquil Rose
Socks: Fallen Flower
Shoes: Cute Tea-cup Rabbit
Handheld: Fish Love

2-7: Girls’ Pajama Party

Score: 66575 (S)
Hair: Dreamland
Style: Lively Warm Simple Cute Pure
Top: Panda Pajama – Top
Bottom: Panda Pajama – Trousers
Shoes: Panda Pajama – Slippers
Makeup: Moment Like a Dream
Headwear: Panda Pajama – Nightcap, Blood Satin
Earring: Star Earrings
Necklace: Rabbits Love Poems
Bracelet: Red Watch, Laurel Bracelet
Handheld: Rabbit Ears Teapot, Gentle Dance
Special: Memorial Day

2-8: Rehearsal at Theater!

Score: 90731
Style: Cool Pure Cute Gorgeous Elegance 
Hair: Admiration
Coat: Soft and Warm
Dress: Winter Angel – Pink
Socks: Twisty Cake
Shoes: Strawberry Pudding
Headwear: Verdant Leaf
Necklace: Rabbits Love Poem
Bracelet: Magic Destiny
Handheld: Gentle Dance
Special: Elegant Angel

2-9: Dancer Star Sophia

Score: 112371
Style: Elegance Sexy Gorgeous Cool Mature 
Hair: Wasteland Jewel – Epic
Coat: Countess’ Shawl
Dress: Luxury Beauty
Socks: Lunar Knight
Shoes: Extreme Luxury
Makeup: Pigeon Maid
Headwear: Enchanting Feather
Earring: Fringed Earrings – Pink
Necklace: Leaf Necklace, Noble Cape
Bracelet: Hope Ring, Laurel Bracelet, Leaf Bracelet
Handheld: Timely Bloom, Leather Purse
Special: Cruising Devil

10 thoughts on “Act 2

    1. Hi! You shouldn’t have to be a VIP in order to pass the stages, to get the slippers you have to craft them:) Go to Recipe Workshop > Recipe Crafting > Shoes tab > You’ll see the ‘Panda Pajamas – Slip’ click on it and it’ll show you what material you need to gather to craft them! You can check the ‘Recipe Workshop’ post where I wrote more specifically about how to craft items! Let me know if you still have trouble I’ll try to help:)


      1. No matter how hard I try, I can’t get the joyful bunby shoes. I have an S score on 2.7, but it still won’t give me any joyful bunny slippers. Any ideas?


      2. Hi! The items that ‘Drop for rating S’ tend to be more difficult to get:( Just keep trying and I’m sure it’ll eventually drop:)!!


  1. i can’t get an S on 2-7!
    I tried ten times but I always get an A though I have the whole panda pajama outfit and I use as much accessories as I can… maybe it is about the skills that you use and the level?


    1. Hi! Yes, Skills are very important, try to upgrade them as much as possible:) I use Charming, Smile, Sleeping, and Critical Eye! Hope you’re able to get an S soon!


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