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Start Journey

Hello Stylists!

Here is a guide to the Hello Nikki Dress Up Queen Homepage!

Start Journey –

The Start Journey button is where you can access the different Acts –  This is where the main game is at! There are a total of 9 Acts for the moment but the developers do add new acts – so more Nikki and Momo (And Yoko?) adventures for us!

At the end of each act, you need to have completed a specific suit (Or have obtained a number of clothing) in order to be able to move on the next act.

Act 1: Collection 30 (Obtain at least 30 items) >Act 2: Panda Dreamland > Act 3: Rock Singer > Act 4: Angel in White > Act 5: Wilds Flower > Act 6: The Purest Heart > Act 7: Ink Orchid > Act 8: Light Fairy > Act 9: Diving Carp

Maiden v/s Princess Mode –

Now, a lot of people are confused about the different modes. There are two modes, the Maiden mode and Princess mode. Maiden is the ‘normal’ mode and Princess is a little more challenging. In order to access a level in the Princess mode you will HAVE to have completed that level in the Maiden mode:) (i.e. You will not be able to attempt level 3-4 in Princess mode unless you’ve completed 3-4 in Maiden mode)

You can switch acts by clicking on the bottom left corner button.

So what’s the difference between Maiden mode and Princess mode?

First of all, Princess mode consumes more stamina (6 as opposed to 4 on maiden mode). Also, the number of times you can attempt each level  is limited to 3. Unless you feel like spending diamonds to reset challenge attempts. You can do so by clicking the ‘+’ button, it will cost you 30 diamonds. In Princess mode, you can obtain rarer items (compared to maiden mode) and you will find that most of the items obtainable on Princess mode are evolvable at the Recipe Workshop. And you will definitely need to evolve many of these items to move on in the game – So avoiding Princess mode may not be an option!

Side Quests – 

On top of the main levels, you can complete side quests – You don’t necessarily need to complete these levels in order to continue the main story. Each Act has a different number of side quests.

For example, in Act 2, there are two side quests.




8 thoughts on “Start Journey

    1. That’s strange, I believe it unlocks after you pass Maiden 4-1. If you tapped on the ‘Maiden, switch difficulty’ button at the bottom left of the screen and nothing appeared, I’d say contact the Support Team!


    1. The Stylist Association allows you to obtain more clothes:) Once you join an association, there are extra stages you can play and obtain unique outfits. It’s also a great way to interact with other players! I’ll make a guide about it soon!


    1. Hi! Apart from the daily quests and through completing achievements, you can ‘Share on Facebook’ to obtain some gems and stamina! (You can set your Facebook post Settings to ‘only me’ so you don’t spam your friends and family with your Love Nikki Addiction XD). You can also keep judging outfits in the competition and you usually get a couple of diamonds and some coins by tapping on the little Reward gift box at the bottom of the screen:)


  1. I just started playing recently & here’s a helpful tip I want to share: in Maiden mode, there’s a pink diamond-shaped button called “Momo’s tips” in the upper left corner of the white square-thing that pops up. So before you start the story (thus saving stamina), you can look at the S tips, write down what the game recommends, and use it in Maiden AND Princess mode. For me, this is super helpful when I want a S in Princess mode, but it’s not perfect (as it tells you in-game). Bonus: it usually recommends what you already have, which makes my inner-cheapskate very happy. Also, @meganwan thank you for making this guide, it’s helped me a lot. I have a question for you: Can you collect event stuff that you didn’t collect in time, or if you started playing the game after the event ended? Again, thank u for this wonderful guide, it helps me a lot. Plus it’s so pretty! Lol I have a weakness for pretty stuff, especially clothes, but wear oversized sweaters and jeans irl… 🙂


    1. Hi! Thank you so much for the tip:)! And to answer your question, yes! They recently added the Black Swan Recipes in the Store of Starlight, I believe they’ll eventually add all of the event outfits there! I totally agree with you, I love the clothes, they’re beautiful!!


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