Act 7 · Walkthrough

Act 7

Hi everyone!

I hope you my guides are being helpful:) Below are the outfits I used for Act 7 – As usual, these are the outfits that I used in Princess mode – Therefore it should work in Maiden mode too.

To be able to move on to Act 8, you will have to have completed the ‘Ink Orchid’ Suit:)

Don’t hesitate to comment if you have any questions – I’ll try my best to help!

7-1: Autumn’s Dream

Score: 102427 (S)
Style: Mature Cool Sexy Simple Elegance 
Hair: Manor Flower
Coat: Snow Mountain Gift
Top: Shadow of Heart
Bottom: Career Skirt – Blue
Socks: Lunar Knight
Shoes: Array of Stars
Makeup: Pigeon Maid
Headwear: Verdant Leaf
Earring: First Bloom
Necklace: Oceanic Pearl
Handheld: Leather Purse
Special: Fashion Pioneer – Boy

7-2: Mill’s Heir Lunar

Score: 107903 (S)
Style: Elegance Gorgeous Pure Warm Mature 
Hair: Butterfly Flower
Dress: Ancient Tomb OR Luxury Beauty OR Moon in Water
Socks: Memorial of Growth
Shoes: Sweet Honey
Makeup: Moment Like a Dream
Headwear: Leaf Ribbon
Earring: Fringed Earrings – Pink
Necklace: Leaf Necklace 
Bracelet: Leaf Bracelet
Handheld: Gentle Dance

7-3: Modern Dancer Sofia

Score: 104767 (S)
Style: Cool Mature Lively Sexy Simple 
Hair: Lovely Lady
Dress: Dance of Venus
Coat: Moonlight Serenade
Socks: Fairy Tale
Shoes: Sweet Chocolate – Rare
Makeup: Pigeon Maid
Headwear: Lace Bunny Ears
Earring: Star Earrings
Necklace: Maiden – Neck
Bracelet: Butterfly Joy
Handheld: Leather Purse
Waist: Exquisite Butterfly

7-4: Landlady of Celestial

Score: 104475 (S)
Style: Warm Pure Gorgeous Elegance Mature 
Hair: Miss Goddess 
Dress: Ancient Tomb
Coat: Orchid Mist
Socks: Lunar Knight
Shoes: Swaying Willow
Makeup: Moment Like a Dream
Headwear: Lotus Pendant
Earring: Fringed Earrings – Pink
Necklace: Leaf Necklace
Bracelet: Leaf Bracelet

7-5: Meet Haru Again

Note: I really struggled to get an S on this Princess level – I kept trying to put Simple, Lively, Cute clothes with highest star rankings I have in my wardrobe but I guess that was my mistake – try to avoid Lolita tagged clothes. I was finally able to get an S with the outfit below:)

Score: 97013 (S)
Style: Cool Cute Pure Lively Simple 
Hair: Dynamic Maiden
Coat: Hot Summer – Red
Dress: Mori Girl & Reindeer
Socks: Memorial of Growth
Shoes: Black Platform Shoes
Makeup: Northern Soldier
Headwear: Little Detective
Earring: Star Earrings
Necklace: Natural Gift, Galaxy Necklace
Bracelet: Bow Bracelet – Red, Nurse Gloves
Handheld: Star Parasol, Test Tricks
Waist: White Belt
Special: Stave, Memorial Day

7-6: Quick-witten Nikki

Score: 138992 (S)
Style: Elegance Gorgeous Cool Pure Mature  
Hair: The Purest Heart
Coat: Home Beauty
Dress: Ink Orchid
Socks: Marine Flower
Shoes: Extreme Luxury
Makeup: Moment Like a Dream
Necklace: Eternal Necklace
Bracelet: Exquisite Bracelet, Enchanting Gloves
Handheld: First Love
Waist: Exquisite Butterfly

7-7: Precise Description

Score: 88217 (S)
Style: Mature Elegance Sexy Gorgeous Cool 
Hair: Butterfly Flowers
Dress: Starlight Melody – Purple
Coat: Countess’ Shawl
Socks: Galaxy Sock Welts, Victoria’s Secret
Shoes: Extreme Luxury
Makeup: Pigeon Maid
Headwear: Golden Leaf Hairband
Earring: Fringed Earrings – Pink
Necklace: Noble Cape, Eternal Necklace
Bracelet: Butterfly Joy
Handheld: Star Parasol, Leather Purse
Special: Cruising Devil

7-8: Lucy, the Heroine

Score: 100878 (S)
Style: Lively Sexy Mature Cool Simple 
Hair: Willow
Top: Sword Girl
Bottom: Textiles Leggings
Socks: Middle Fishnet Socks
Shoes: Maple Ninja
Makeup: Pigeon Maid
Headwear: Lotus Pendant, Blood Satin
Earring: Star Earrings
Bracelet: Leather Gloves

7-9: To Moonlit City

Score: 151296 (S)
Style: Pure Mature Lively Simple Warm
Hair: Wheat Ears – Rare
Dress: Hibernation
Coat: Silent Rose
Socks: Warm Maple Syrup
Shoes: Tall Snow Boots – White
Makeup: Moment Like a Dream
Necklace: Natural Gift, Oceanic Pearl
Handheld: Heart Handbag


35 thoughts on “Act 7

  1. Hi was able to find you blog and really frustrated to 7-2 Mill’s heir lunar can’t get pass through it my score is always below 10k. Tried to follow your guide but unfortunately i don’t have the leafs and also want to ask also about the shoes you used sweet honey i tried to use wardrobe but can’t find it :(( do you have other way i could try? Still on maiden part and can’t get pass through it hope you could help me out thanks!


    1. Hi there, you will need to either craft the dress ‘Ancient Tomb’ or use ‘Luxury Beauty’ It’s a Special Seek stage so only these two items will work! And the Sweet Honey Shoe is part of the ‘Pink Wishes’ suit, it was obtainable through an event or a festival, I’m sorry I cannot remember how I got it :S But you can definitely pass this stage without those shoes 🙂


    1. Hi! You’ll need the Northern Soldier suit to pass this stage:( I’ve been focusing on crafting other outfits so I haven’t passed the stage yet!


  2. Hi! I can’t get the recipe for the ink orchid dress for stage 7-6 : it says that I get the recipe by doing stage 7-6 but stage 7-6 required this dress… How did you do pleaaaase? I don’t have any idea …


    1. Hello!
      The Attributes for Extreme Luxury are:
      Georgous – S
      Sexy – S
      Elegance – A
      Cool – S
      Mature – S

      Some good alternatives would be:
      Floral Brocade
      Wild Dance
      Sweet Chocolate – Epic
      Bone Ink
      Kimi’s Rose – Black

      Let me know if any of these work for you:)! And if not, try to add more accessories that fall under ‘European’ or ‘Evening Gown’!


  3. Hey, I’d like to thank you for making this guide! It has helped me so much so far. I was wondering where you can find the socks “Memorial of Growth” and the shoes “Sweet Honey”. I’m a bit stuck on 7-2 right now. Thanks in advance! 🙂


    1. Hi there! You’re welcome, I’m happy to hear that the guides are helping you:)! I believe Memorial of Growth was obtainable through a purchase sale, it was a paid item, and Sweet Honey was obtainable through an event that has passed, sorry about that! But these are the attributes for these items and what you can use instead:
      Memorial of Growth:
      Gorgeous – A
      Pure – A
      Lively – S
      Warm – A
      Cute – S
      Pink Rabbit
      Cost: 10090 Coins from the Store
      Gorgeous – A
      Pure: – A
      Lively – S
      Warm – S
      Cute – S
      Warm Sugar Water
      Cost – 28 Diamonds from the Store
      Gorgeous – S
      Pure – S
      Lively – A
      Warm – S
      Cute – S

      Sweet Honey
      Gorgeous – A
      Pure – S
      Elegance – SS
      Cool – A
      Cute – A
      Secret of Bloch if you’ve completed the achievement ‘Bookish Girl has a Crush – Phase 3’
      Firelight – Rare
      Gorgeous – B
      Pure – S
      Elegance – S
      Cool – S
      Cute – A
      I hope I was able to help, sorry about that, I’ll try to avoid using items that are obtainable through events and such in my guides in the future, or at least test alternatives and include them:)


  4. I don’t have enough star coins(?) for StarLight melody, which you need to craft ancient tomb, are you sure there aren’t any other alternatives?


    1. Hello! You can try Luxury Beauty or Moon in Water, but even these items are difficult to obtain, Luxury Beauty was from an Event a few weeks ago. Moon in Water is obtainable from the Porch of Misty. Unfortunately these are the only alternatives to Ancient Tomb right now:( Ancient Tomb is a very useful dress in the Stylist Arena and other stages, but it takes a lot of patience to make:(


  5. Hi, im sooo stuck on 7-4 and 7-5, ive followed your guide, the only thing i dont have is (stave and moment like a dream and leaf bracelet) and no matter what i do i cannot get higher than an A lol please help thanks. X


    1. Hi!
      For 7-4, try:
      Makeup: Scented Snow / Meditative Snow
      And instead of Leaf Bracelet, try to add one or more of the following items: Lunar Ripple, Hibiscus Fairy, Snow Diamond Bracelet, Light of Firefly.

      For 7-5 you can try to use these items instead of Stave: Laurel Bracelet, Red Hat’s Basket, Little Apron.
      You can also try to replace the dress by: Garden Tour – Yellow OR Hyacinth and Classic Kilt – Brown

      Hope it helps:)!


  6. Hey there!
    Thank you for these guides, they are a huge help in the game. Seriously! 🙂
    Anyway I wanted to quickly ask if there is any other dress to pass 7-6 with? Just curious if I’m really going to need to craft the orchid dress in order to move on. Thanks in advance 🙂


    1. Hello! I’m glad to be of help:)!! To answer your question, no you don’t need the dress to pass 7-6, you can pass it with Luxury Beauty or Moon in Water. BUT you need to complete the ‘Ink Orchid’ Suit to be able to move on to chapter 8, so you will have to craft it eventually:(!


      1. Thank you! I’m glad because it’s SO expensive to craft… Now I have a little more time to save money. 🙂


  7. Hello! So, I’ve just made it to Act 7 in Princess Mode. However, I am stuck on 7-6 in Maiden Mode. I’m trying to craft the Ink Orchid dress, but it says “Story Obtained: 7”. I’m unsure of what this means and am at a loss 😦 What should I do…..


    1. Hi! To obtain the recipe for Ink Orchid, you need to ‘Start Stage’ 7-6, and through read the story, they will give you the recipe before dressing up! Hope it helps:)


  8. Hi! I need help with 7-5 Princess. I keep on getting A. I used most of what you used, but didn’t have the hat, socks, or glasses. I tried to use similar alternatives, Maiden Student Socks, Seashore Brown, and Student Glasses.


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