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Recipe Workshop

Hello everyone,

The Recipe Workshop is located on the home screen, it’s where you will be able to access – Customization, Recipe Crafting, Evolution, and Decomposition. Keep reading to learn more about each activity here.


Customization allows you to change the colour of the items by buying dyes and fabrics from the Store of Starlight (Stylist Arena’s Exchange Store). Customizing items is not cheap and to be honest it’s not always beneficial to customize your items as the attributes of the item changes, whilst some increase, others will decrease. Overall I only use the customization when I need to item to craft a recipe or when I feel like creating a beautiful outfit for the Competition activity.

How to Customize:

  1. Go to Recipe Workshop > Customization
  2. Select the item you’d like to customize, make sure that you own more than 1 of the item if you don’t want to lose that item in its current colour, as customizing does not duplicate an item.
  3. Make sure that you have the required material. The dyes and patterns can be bought at the Store of Starlight and the ‘material’ is obtained by decomposing items.
  4. Note that the attributes increase and decrease in ranking. Customizing may also change attributes. In the example above, one attribute changed from Mature to Cute.
  5. Tap the Customize button and enjoy your new item:)

Recipe Crafting

Recipe Crafting allows you to create new items by obtaining blueprints and gathering the required items. You’ll obtain blueprints as you pass stages throughout your Journey. You can also buy the blueprints at the Store of Starlight (Stylist Arena’s Exchange Store).

How to Craft an Item

  1. Go to Recipe Workshop > Recipe Crafting
  2. Make sure you have obtained the blueprint
  3. Select the item you want to craft
  4. Make sure that you have all the required material to craft (It also costs some Gold). You’ll notice a red ‘!’ on items you have all the required materials for.
  5. Tap the ‘Craft’ button


Evolution allows you to evolve items. Most of the evolvable items are obtained in the Princess Mode of the ‘Journey’, so it may take a while for you to be able to evolve an item. Many items are evolvable several times, I’ll show you an example below.

How to Evolve an item

  1. Go to Recipe Workshop > Evolution
  2. Select the item you want to evolve
  3. Make sure you have all the items needed. If you don’t, simply click on the ‘+’ sign, the game will tell you where to go to obtain the necessary items.
  4. Once you have all the items needed, tap on the ‘Evolve’ button, and voilà.

To fully evolve some items you need to have several ‘evolved’ versions to reach the final version. To view the evolution stages, simply tap on the ‘Preview’ button.


Decomposition is where you get rid of the extra items that you don’t need. It’s also where you obtain the ‘material’ needed to Customize items. Remember to keep an eye on which items you’re decomposing as most of the items are either evolvable, customizable, or used as material in Recipe Crafting, Customization, and Evolution. Decomposition also allows you to obtain rare items (More on that below).

How to Decompose

  1. Select the item you would like to decompose, on the bottom right of each item you can see it’s function (Whether it can be evolved, used as material, or if it is customizable)
  2. Once you’re sure you don’t need that item, tap the decompose button.
  3. What you obtain when you decompose: Material, Gold, Hope Ring (3+ hearts), Eternal Necklace (4+ hearts), Rebirth Earrings (5+ hearts).
  4. Remember that the items you get are random and depend on the heart ranking of the item (The higher the ranking the more you get). However decomposing a high ranked item does not guarantee that you will obtain a Rebirth earring, for example. I’ve decomposed 6 heart ranked items and only obtained materials and gold.


Decomposition: The Lost Casket

There are other things you can do in the Decomposition section. As you decompose items, the ‘Lost Casket’ on the top left on the screen will fill up, once you’ve decomposed a number of items, tap on it and you’ll obtain random items such as Gold, Material, and Clothes. The Tarot Fortuneteller outfit can only be obtained through the Lost Casket.


Decomposition: Reconstruction

You can also reconstruct items – as in create new items by decomposing items and obtaining ‘material’ and Hope Rings, Eternal Necklaces, and Rebirth Earrings. To recompose simply tap on Reconstruction (Top Right), select the item you’d like to obtain, make sure you have all required elements and tap reconstruct:)


I hope this guide was helpful to you and don’t hesitate to ask questions in the comment section below:) I’d love to get some feedback from you.


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