Act 8 · Walkthrough

Act 8

Hi everyone!

Below are the outfits I used for Act 8 – These are the outfits I used in Princess Mode! These are the outfits I used in Maiden Mode as I’ve been stuck on Act 8-2 in Princess mode for days. Once I complete this Act in Princess mode I’ll update the outfits if there are any changes.

Princess Mode Tip: To pass Act 8 -2, start crafting the Sexy Bad Girl outfit asap as you will need it – Anything else will fail. So far I have everything but the Hair and Necklace and I’m still getting F 😦

Update: You will need most parts of Sexy Bad Girl – See below for more details – Thanks Vic for your help in passing this stage!

To be able to move on to Act 9, you will have to have completed the ‘Light Fairy’ Suit – This suit was the most challenging one and took me days to complete.

I’d love to get some feedback from you guys, let me know what you’d like to see more of:)

8-1: Lively Passing By Girl

Score: 120149 (S)
Style: Cool Simple Pure Cute Lively 
Hair: Flower Bud – Rare
Coat: Mini Oven
Top: Bunny Pocket – Pink
Bottom: Momo Overalls – Blue
Socks: Memorial of Growth
Shoes: Joyful Bunny
Makeup: Cloud Lady
Headwear: Rabbit’s Serenade
Earring: Star Earrings
Necklace: Rabbit’s Love Poems
Bracelet: Magic Destiny
Handheld: Rabbit Ears Teapot, Gentle Dance
Special: Memorial Day

8-2: Meet Mela Again

Score: 106200 (S)
Style: Sexy Cool Mature Gorgeous Lively 
Hair: Wild
Coat: Rebellious
Top: Sexy Bad Girl – Top
Bottom: Sexy Bad Girl – Hot Pants
Socks: Wildness
Shoes: Wars – Black

8-3: Strange Mayor

Score: 114796 (S)
Style: Warm Elegance Pure Simple Cute 
Hair: First Love
Coat: Orchid Mist
Dress: Ancient Tomb
Socks: Fallen Flower
Shoes: Swaying Willow
Makeup: Northern Soldier
Headwear: Warbler Whisper
Earring: First Bloom
Necklace: Denim Scarf
Handheld: Ink Orchid Fan

8-4: Officer Orlando

Score: 119507 (S)
Style: Simple Mature Pure Warm Elegance
Hair: Lovely Lady
Coat: Design Director
Top: Headwaiter
Bottom: French Coffee
Socks: Cloud Walk
Shoes: Nipped Boots – Black
Makeup: Moment Like a Dream
Necklace: Star Necklace 
Bracelet: Punk Bracelet

8-5: Possibility of Evil Plot

Score: 101167
Style: Simple Cute Cool Elegance Pure 
Hair: First Love
Coat: Pink Wings
Dress: Verdant Willow
Socks: Nurse Stockings
Shoes: Swaying Willow
Makeup: Northern Soldier
Headwear: Warbler Whisper
Handheld: Green Tea Parasol

8-6: Acquaintance’s Secret

Score: 138082 (S)
Style: Elegant Gorgeous Sexy Cool Mature 
Hair: Ink Orchid Scroll
Coat: Home Beauty 
Dress: Ink Wash Painting
Socks: Marine Flower
Shoes: Orchid Touch
Makeup: Pigeon Maid
Headwear: Warbler Whisper
Earring: Star-ring Earrings
Bracelet: Exquisite Bracelet
Handheld: Ink Orchid Fan
Waist: Exquisite Butterfly

8-7: The Mayor is…?!

Score: 123783 (S)
Style: Cute Cool Pure Lively Simple 
Hair: Perfect Senior
Coat: Lime Coat
Top: Camouflage Vest
Bottom: Black Shorts
Socks: Student Socks – Blue
Shoes: Sneakers – Green
Makeup: Northern Soldier
Necklace: Star Necklace
Bracelet: Punk Bracelet
Special: Guardian Time

8-8: Truth behind Puzzle

Score: 123204 (S)
Style: Gorgeous Cool Mature Sexy Elegance
Hair: Beautiful Agent
Coat: Star Prophecy
Dress: Luxury Beauty
Socks: Victoria’s Secret
Shoes: Extreme Luxury
Makeup: Pigeon Maid 
Headwear: Enchanting Feather
Earring: Star-ring Earrings
Bracelet: Butterfly Joy
Handheld: Ink Orchid Fan

8-8: To Lilith City

Score: 107182 (S)
Style: Cute Gorgeous Elegance Cool Pure 
Hair: Iceworld Whisper
Coat: Strawberry Chocolate
Dress: Cutie Strawberry
Socks: Bunny’s Favorite
Shoes: Lop Princess
Makeup: Peach Sweetheart 
Headwear: Strawberry Cake
Earring: Starwish Earrings
Necklace: Rose Necklace
Bracelet: Magic Destiny
Handheld: Pasture Fruit Basket, Berry Sheperd Stick
Special: Lost Lamb


30 thoughts on “Act 8

  1. Hi,
    Was looking for tips and found your guide. Have to say that you did it great.

    Same case like you to pass 8-2 princess 😢


      1. Hi, I’ve managed to pass princess 8-2, took quite some effort :/
        You don’t need the hair wild-epic, just wild the basic one is enough. I had the chain necklace when I passed it, but just tested you don’t need the necklace to get an S. Just have everything else in the sexy bad girl set and NOTHING ELSE: don’t use any other accesories makeup etc, use only the sexy bad girl set items and you should be able to get an S. Hope it helps and good luck!


      2. Glad it worked out 😀 You’re welcome! This level took me a long time too I kept using extra items and kept failing and didn’t know why ):, tried about everything out until I got the solution
        Your guide is really nice and clear, keep up the good work ^-^


      3. Hello! This stage is a tough one! You only need the items listed, and nothing else (no makeup, no accessories!) But you do need these specific items, you cannot substitute with anything else!
        Hair: Wild
        Coat: Rebellious
        Top: Sexy Bad Girl – Top
        Bottom: Sexy Bad Girl – Hot Pants
        Socks: Wildness
        Shoes: Wars – Black


  2. Thanks so much on the info on 8-2. So many people (myself included) could not pass this stage in Princess mode. This is the only stage so far where using the recommended clothing and sticking to the theme does not work. Yes the Sexy Bad Girl suit is needed, but using the other recommend pieces will end in failure… so I was at a total loss.


    1. Hi! I was actually really confused myself – I thought the complete Sexy Bad Girl suit was needed to pass the stage but one really nice reader told me how to pass the stage! And I’m glad you’re finding the blog useful! Thanks for the feedback:)


  3. Is there a place where you post ideas/items to use on the Side Quests? I can’t get any of Stage 8 side quests to be S, even when I use the items recommended on Maiden level.


  4. Hi! I was also stuck on 8-2 for days and was really frustrated until I found your blog and it helped me so much!! I’m so thankful to your blog, you’re a livesaver 😉 But while I could get a S in 8-2 Maiden, I only get an A in princess mode and never was able to get S 😣 even though I dressed her up just like yours w/o any accessories. 😓 What should I do??😔 Should I upgrade my skills?


    1. Hi! Thanks for the feedback:) I really appreciate it! For 8-2, yes definitely upgrade your skills! It really makes the difference between an A and S rating! Make sure there’s no makeup and you’re using the un-evolved hair:)


      1. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I dressed her up like you recommended w/o any accessories, makeup and I used un-evolved hair but still get only an A in princess mode.😟 The skills that I use are: Smile lvl 3 – Critical Eye lvl 3 – Picky Immune lvl 2 – Charming lvl 2. Did I use the correct skills or should I change some of them? How did you score 106200? Which skills have you used? I always get over 90000 but never the 100.000 mark😓 Sorry if I’m asking again but I’m so frustrated. This is the most tricky and annoying stage that I’ve played.😥😔


      2. Hi! I use Charming, then Smile, then Sleeping, then Critical Eye, and Smile again. You have to be fast and lucky though, sometimes I’m not able to use Smile twice so I have to retry to be able to score the maximum I can! I don’t remember what my skills were when I passed with S 😦 Hope this helps though!


      3. Hi! It’s me again lol. I tried the skills you’ve recommended this whole week and only ONE time I reached 103.000 sth. points. But sadly, it’s still not enough points to get S 😦 😦 I STILL get A and always only receive over 90.000 *cries in the corner* OTL So I guess the only way to for me to get an S is to have the complete sexy bad girl suit? 😦 The only outfit part I’m missing is the chain necklace. Do you have any other ideas how to improve the scores? Sorry for being annoying again u__u


      4. Oh no:( so close! Try to upgrade your critical eye, hopefully it’ll help increase the gap between your score and the opponent’s? You don’t need the chain in order to pass! Don’t forget that you need to use ‘Wild’ hair, not the evolved version and no extra accessories:) If you have all the right items, I’d say it’s all up to your skills and luck! 🙂


  5. I’m stuck on 8-6 because the ink wash dress is really expensive to make. Do you have tips on getting more gold without spending real money? Or a replacement for the dress? Also thank you so much for the rest of the guides I find it really helpful! 😀


    1. Hi! I’m happy to hear that you find the guides useful:)!
      For 8-6, try ‘Luxury Beauty’ or ‘Song of Lotus’ and add a lot of accessories!
      But a good way of making gold is just by completing the achievements, daily quests, judging in ‘Competition’ and tapping on the small ‘Reward’ gift box, and decomposing items that you don’t need! You can also sell materials for 2 coins per material by going on Wardrobe > Tools > Select Materials > Tap on Sell (Bottom right by the kitty)! Hope this helps:)


  6. Hey there! Do you happen to have any suggestions for Princess 8-8 with some other dress, coat and shoes? I don’t have those you have listed here, and I keep getting an A.
    Again thanks for your helpful guides I keep coming back to them every time I get stuck. Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

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