Act 9 · Walkthrough

Act 9

Hi everyone:)

Below are the outfits I used in Act 9 Princess Mode (I just completed it – So happy!!).

Act 9 has several ‘Special Seek’ Stages for which I had to craft some items. The most challenging one was act 9-9, you’ll need parts of the Assassin’s Faith outfit – you need ‘Assassin Faith’ (the dress) but to craft the dress you have to craft ‘Assassin’s Stockings’ and ‘Sharp Blade’. It takes a long time to gather all the material and recipes needed to obtain the parts. If anyone was able to pass this stage without these parts please comment below:)

Gathering material early to pass 9-9: 

  1. Start saving your $! You will need more than 500k Gold just to craft the stockings.
  2. Start saving your starlight coins to buy the recipes and dyes.
  3. Start gathering Wide Hats – you’ll need quite a few and since it’s a princess level drop item it’ll take a while unless you want to spend Diamonds.

Act 9 introduces a new way to play, on some stages you’ll get to play Fantasy Envoy’s ‘Super Fantasy Interlink Combination’ 😉 It’s basically dressing up for multiple themes one after the other instead of one theme.

To be able to move on to Act 10 (Once it gets released) you’ll need to complete the ‘Diving Carp’ outfit.

9-1: New Comer

Score: 108284 (S)
Style: Lively Cool Cute Simple Pure 
Hair: Dynamic Maiden
Coat: Skura Raincoat
Top: Hollow Wings – Blue
Bottom: Hide and Seek
Socks: Fairy Tale – Rare
Shoes: Sweet Syrup
Makeup: Swan of Innocence
Headwear: Floral Hairband – Blue, Red Cloak – Rare
Earring: Star Earrings
Necklace: Tribe Scarf
Bracelet: Bow Bracelet – Red
Handheld: Rose Love, Red Hat’s Basket
Special: Stave, Memorial Day

9-2: Contestant Village

Score: 100597 (S)
Style: Gorgeous Cool Sexy Cute Elegance   
Hair: Gothic Lolita
Coat: Star Prophecy
Dress: Magical Realm Kite Elf
Socks: Victoria’s Secret
Shoes: Night Gothic
Makeup: Swan of Desire
Headwear: Asterism
Earring: Black Swan Earrings
Necklace: Ice Crystal Chain
Bracelet: Black Diamond Bracelet, Laurel Bracelet, Floral Ink
Handheld: Silver Foam, Light Cane – Rare
Special: Plume of Black Swan – Dream

9-3: Familiar Opponent 

Note: This is one of those ‘Special Seek’ Stages. I had to craft the Maple Leaf Dress and Coat – Anything else got me F. Let me know if you were able to pass this stage without these items:)

Score: 119020 (S)
Style:  Mature Elegance Pure Simple Warm  
Hair: Elf Long Hair – Epic
Coat: Maple Leaf – Coat
Dress: Maple Leaf – Red
Socks: Warm Maple Syrup
Shoes: Fresh Snow Boots
Makeup: Swan of Innocence
Headwear: Detective Cap
Earring: First Bloom – Rare
Necklace: Natural Gift, Star Necklace
Bracelet: Red Sandalwood Bead
Handheld: Ink Orchid Fan, Camellia Branch
Special: Light of Firefly

9-4: Masked Person Again

Score: 109479 (S)
Style: Warm Mature Elegance Sexy Gorgeous
Hair: Cloud Dancer – Black
Coat: Quiyong Moon
Dress: Orchid Dress
Socks: Lunar Ripple
Shoes: Orchid Dream – Rare
Makeup: Meditative Moon
Headwear: Night Moon
Bracelet: Moonstone Bracelet
Handheld: Ink Orchid Fan
Special: Lunar Fragrance, Everlasting Moonbeam

9-5: Ancient Pavillon Duo

Score: 129152 (S)
Style: Simple Cool Lively Pure Cute 
Hair: Orchis
Coat: Hot Summer – Red
Top: Diving Carp – Top
Bottom: Diving Carp – Bottom
Socks: Cloud of Brocade
Shoes: Carp Joy
Makeup: Scented Snow
Headwear: Warbler Whisper – Rare
Bracelet: Red Sandal – Bead
Waist: Exquisite Butterfly
Special: Light of Firefly

9-6: Serial Competitions! Theme 1

Score (Total): 171869 (S)
Style: Cool Elegance Simple Mature Pure  
Hair: Free Dancer
Coat: Quiyong Moon
Dress: Memory of Youth
Socks: Lunar Ripple, Twisty Cake
Shoes: White Brocade Shoes
Makeup: Cloud Lady
Headwear: Gold Button Knot – White
Earring: White Swan Earrings
Necklace: Ice Crystal Chain
Bracelet: China Bracelet
Handheld: Aria of Morning Glory, Camellia Branch
Special: Everlasting Moonbeam

9-6: Serial Competitions! Theme 2

Score (Total): 171869 (S)
Style: Sexy Simple Cool Elegance Mature
Hair: Tender Charm
Coat: Diamond Shadow
Dress: Dance of Venus
Socks: Snow White Body
Shoes: Snowy Wings 
Makeup: Peach Sweetheart
Headwear: Red Sand
Earring: First Bloom
Necklace: Oceanic Pearl
Bracelet: Snow Diamond Bracelet, Oceanic, Ice Crystal Gloves
Handheld: Pearl Shell – Pink, Leather Purse
Special: Plume of White Swan Dream

9-7: Prince’s Visit

Note: Another ‘Special Seek’ Stage – I had to craft the ‘Future Space’ dress, ‘Metal Airspace’ shoes and ‘Sci-fi Soul’ Socks. Let me know if you were able to pass this stage without these items!

Score: 96704 (S)
Style: Cool Simple Sexy Lively Cute 
Hair: Doll – Gold
Coat: Hot Summer – Red
Dress: Future Space
Socks: Sci-fi Soul
Shoes: Metal Airspace
Makeup: Carrot Dream
Headwear: Bowknot Hairpin – Yellow
Earring: Star Earrings
Necklace: Nikki Choker – Red
Bracelet: Red Sandalwood Bead, Magic Destiny
Handheld: Rabbit Ears Teapot, Gentle Dance
Special: Rabbit Tail, Lost Lamb

9-8: Prince’s Request

Score: 118764 (S)
Style: Lively Pure Simple Cute Warm
Hair: Bambi
Coat: Warm robe – Rare
Dress: Mori Girl & Reindeer
Socks: Fresh Socks, Reindeer Socks
Shoes: Fresh Snow Boots
Makeup: Swan of Innocence
Headwear: Sweet Farm, Red Cloak – Rare
Necklace: Multicolor Scarf

9-9: One-piece Dress Theme 1

Score (Total): 314795 (S)
Style: Gorgeous Lively Sexy Cute Cool 
Hair: Star Ivy
Coat: Soft Leather 
Dress: Assassin Faith – Rare
Socks: Assassin Stockings 
Shoes: Maple Ninja – Rare
Makeup: Carrot Dream
Headwear: Blood Satin
Necklace: Denim Scarf
Handheld: Rhombic Nail

9-9: One-piece Dress Theme 2

Score (Total): 314795 (S)
Style: Cool Sexy Gorgeous Lively Cute 
Hair: Cloud Dancer – Black
Coat: Star Prophecy
Dress: Rustling Bamboo – Flowers
Socks: Elf Anklet – Epic
Shoes: Floral Brocade
Makeup: Peach Sweetheart
Headwear: Yellow Rose
Earrings: Fringed Earrings – Pink
Handheld: Light Cane – Rare

9-9: One-piece Dress Theme 3

Score (Total): 314795 (S)
Style: Mature Elegance Gorgeous Cool Pure 
Hair: Elf Long Hair – Epic
Coat: Mist Forest – Epic
Dress: Light Fairy – Epic
Socks: Snow white – Body
Shoes: Ice Roses
Makeup: Swan of Innocence
Headwear: Snow Lotus
Earrings: Elves’ Earrings
Necklace: Elves’ Necklace
Bracelet: Ice Crystal Gloves
Handheld: Sharp Blade – Rare







13 thoughts on “Act 9

  1. Thank you very much for posting these guides! I have been absolutely stuck trying to obtain S ranks in a few of these stages and your guides are very helpful!! Keep up the good work! ^o^


  2. You’re guides are fantastic! Thank you! I use the stylist arena one all of the time. As for 9-7, I was able to use the new War on Ruins set to pass it. I used the complete set and didnt test it further.


    1. You’re welcome! I’m happy to hear that:)!! And thanks for the info, I was actually planning on trying them for that stage to see if it worked!


  3. What skills are you using? I can’t get S on level 2 or 4 no matter what I do, albeit I don’t have the necklace or plume of black swan dream for level 2, but I’m using the exact same outfit for level 4 and still only getting A. And even if I’m missing pieces from the outfit you used, shouldn’t other items with the same tags and the same attributes still work?


  4. I need help passing 9-4 please. I’ve tried many variations and still can’t get an S. Is there a combination I can use if I don’t have the many variations from the Porch of Misty? I’ve barely managed to get 38 Jades and to get all those accessories would take me a few months I think. Please help.


    1. Hi! You can try these instead:
      Coat: Orchid Mist
      Socks: Galaxy Sock Welts
      Bracelet: Oceanic – Pure / Black Diamond Bracelet
      Headwear: Nightly Crown / Lotus Pendant – Rare
      Handheld: Light Cane – Rare
      Necklace: Noble Cape
      Waist: Exquisite Butterfly
      Special: Manjukasa, Specimen No.7 (Maybe?)
      Makeup: Moment Like a Dream

      Hope it helps!


      1. Still only A. I don’t have the crown, or Specimen No. 7 and I just used the jade to buy Everlasting Moonbeam.


  5. Thank you so much for these guides! On 9-6 second theme, I used White Chiffon dress to replace Dance of Venus and Snow-white Body Hosiery to replace the Assassin. I was able to get an S 🙂 I also went with your items plus mine. I use your hair choice to replace Gentle Waiter hair (on my S Tips).


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