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Hello Stylists!

Competition is located right below the Stylist’s Arena, it’s where you can compete and/or judge other player’s outfits according to a theme. The themes are pretty straightforward and change every 4 days. At the end of each season you are awarded Crystal Roses, Coins, and Diamonds based on your ranking. You can exchange those Crystal Roses at the ‘Crystal Garden’ for cute outfits. It’s fun to see other players’ creativity and support your friends in the competition!


You may change your outfit at any time (Although there is a 10 minute cool down time right after you’ve changed outfits) remember that your ‘Total likes’ will be reset if you change outfits.

There is no strategy to win the competition, you just have to create an outfit that fits the theme and you think other players will like.

Tip: Don’t forget (I did) to tap on that little gift box at the bottom left of the screen, for every 10 times you ‘judge’ you obtain some rewards – Coins, Crystal Rose, Stamina, Diamonds.


Happy styling everyone:)


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