Elves’ Under-Moon Prom

Hello Everyone!
As promised, this is the guide to the Elves’ Under-Moon Prom Event! The event period will be between June 16 – June 22. During this time you can play 5 special stages in order to obtain the beautiful Deer Elf and Nightly Spirit outfits.


How to obtain the Deer Elf outfit:

  1. As you pass the stages you Moonlight Flowers will drop.
  2. Once you’ve gathered the required quantities, go to ‘Suit Ex’ and ‘Exchange’ Moonlight Flowers for the pieces.
  3. Bear in mind these pieces you’re exchanging are not the final ‘Deer Elf’ Suit. You need to obtain several pieces to Evolve them to the final version of Deer Elf at the Workshop

How to Obtain Nightly Spirit:

  1. You just need to ‘Claim Design’, it won’t cost you any Moonlight Flower.
  2. Once you’ve obtained the recipe, go to ‘Recipe Crafting’.
  3. To craft the recipes you’ll need to gather all the required materials – some required pieces are from the Deer Elf Suit! For example below to craft the Nightly Necklace you’ll need 10 ‘Sprig Necklaces’ and one ‘Sprig Necklace – Rare’.

Some Facts:

  • You have 5 Free attempts daily, afterward you need to spend 30 diamonds to reset your attempts
  • The stages cost regular stamina – 4 per attempt
  • The number of times you buy attempts with Diamonds is unlimited. So unlike the Princess stages you can spend as many diamonds as you’d like to gather Moonlight Flowers.
  • The higher you score the more Moonlight Flower you obtain.

1: Elves’ Bonfire Party

Score: 56098 (S)
Moonlight Flower: 11
Style: Pure Warm Mature Gorgeous Elegance
Hair: Elf – Gold
Coat: Mist Forest – Epic
Dress: Light Fairy – Epic
Socks: Elf Anklet – Epic
Shoes: Snowy Wings
Makeup: Pigeon Maid
Headwear: Snow Lotus
Earring: Elves’ Earrings
Necklace: Elves’ Necklace
Bracelet: Lily Bracelet, Butterfly Joy
Handheld: Silver Foam, Dark Cane – Rare
Belt: Lily Belt
Special: Plume of White Swan – Dream, Everlasting Moonbeam

2: Versus Bonfire Shadow

Score: 68646 (S)
Moonlight Flower: 13
Style: Elegance Mature Sexy Cool Gorgeous Elegance
Hair: Marionette Black
Coat: Diamond Shadow – Rare
Dress: Dancing Queen
Socks: Galaxy Sock Welts, Victoria’s Secret
Shoes: Sweet Chocolate – Epic
Makeup: Pigeon Maid
Headwear: Elves’  Headwear
Earring: Cloud Bead – Red
Necklace: Enchanting Pendant
Bracelet: Lotus Leaf Tassel, Warm Dance Bracelet, Enchanting Gloves
Handheld: Silver Foam, Dark Cane – Rare
Special: Plume of Black Swan – Dream, Thieves’ Mask – Rare

3: Pigeon’s Prom Dress

Score: 53954 (S)
Moonlight Flower: 10
Style: Gorgeous Elegance Cool Sexy Mature 
Tag: European 
Hair: Sacred Ice Flower
Coat: Countess’ Shawl
Dress: Red Witch
Socks: Snow White Body
Shoes: Flower Fall – Rare
Makeup: Pigeon Maid
Headwear: Enchanting Feather
Earring: Fringed Earrings – Pink
Necklace:Ice Crystal Chain, Phoenix Cape
Bracelet: Lily Bracelet, Ice Crystal Gloves
Handheld: Silver Foam, Dark Cane – Rare
Special: Plume of Black Swan – Dream, Thieves’ Mask – Rare

4: Sport Fashion

Score: 60357 (S)
Moonlight Flower: 12
Style: Simple Lively Cute Pure Cool
Tag: Sports
Hair: Romeo
Coat: Soda Beverage
Top: Endless Knowledge
Bottom: Fresh Peach – Culottes
Socks: Memorial of Growth
Shoes: Learning Journey
Makeup: Northern Soldier
Headwear: Wide Hat – Rare, Red Cloak – Rare
Earring: Star Earrings
Necklace: Natural Gift, Star Necklace
Bracelet: Red Watch, Nurse Gloves
Handheld: Sharp Blade – Rare, Red Hat’s Basket
Special: Stave, Lost Lamb, Memorial Day

5: Evening Dress

Score: 65801 (S)
Moonlight Flower: 13
Style: Simple Elegance Pure Cool Mature
Tag: Evening Gown
Hair: Princess Azhar
Coat: Soft and Warm
Dress: Dance of Venus
Socks: Snow-white Body, Lunar Ripple
Shoes: Array of Stars
Makeup: Moment Like a Dream
Headwear: Red Sand 
Earring: Fringed Earrings – Pink
Necklace: Eternal Necklace
Bracelet: Snow Diamond Bracelet, Ice Crystal Gloves
Handheld: Silver Foam, Camellia Branch
Special: Plume of White Swan – Dream, Everlasting Moonbeam

I hope this guide is helpful:) Let me know if you have any questions!


8 thoughts on “Elves’ Under-Moon Prom

  1. Thanks! Although it would have been good to also name the 5 categories that are rated – so people can match other clothes if they don’t have yours 😉


    1. Hi! I Exchange them for ‘Sprig Necklace’ (Since it’s the cheapest one), I then evolve them to ‘Sprig Necklace – Rare’ and decompose them. It’s a 4 star item which is pretty hard to come by 😉 it gives you ‘Rebirth Earrings’, which you can use for reconstruction!


    1. Hi there! I don’t think the event will come back, but I read somewhere that you’ll be able to buy the recipes at the Store of Starlight eventually (Just like the Black and White Swan outfits)!


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