My Wardrobe


Hello Stylists!

Below is a list of the Dresses I’ve collected so far. If you are interested to see what a dress look like before investing in crafting or evolving an item, or you just want to see what they look like when being worn, see below! As I collect more, I’ll update this blog post.

Side note: Since Nikki’s default hair sometimes hides details of dresses I put on ‘Free Dancer’ which is shorter and pulled back:)

I hope you find this helpful and let me know if you have any suggestions!

6 thoughts on “Dress

  1. Would it be possible to add a small note on the dresses (and hairs) as to where they came from (like crafted, random drop, mystery house, etc)? I feel really bad for even asking, but you have so many items that I haven’t seen before and I am not sure how/if you can search the game to see where items come from.

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    1. Hi! I’ll try to add that in the future! But an easy way to find out where items come from is: Wardrobe > Search > Search by Name > ‘type in the name if item’ > Tap on the item > and Tap on How to Gain! It tells you exactly how you can obtain the item:)

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