Clinic’s Secret

Hi everyone!

This is a guide for the Clinic’s Secret Guide. The event duration is June 28th to July 4th!


The event itself is broken down into two activities.

First activity: Personality test

You basically have to answer a series of questions and depending on your choice, you’ll get 50% off the White Demon suit or the Sky Angel suit!

Your score is based on the other players’ answer, your result will say ‘ x% people chose the same answer’ and if your choice is less than 50% similar to other players then you’ll get the discount off the White Demon Suit, and if it’s more than 50% similar, you’ll get the discount on Sky Angel suit.

You can take the test as many times you want (at no extra cost) so just do it by trial and error:) However once you ‘Claim’ the discount, you will not be able to go change your results anymore!

Second Activity: Complete the Stage

This Event is a little more challenging because our score needs to be higher than your opponent, but within a certain range higher. You can play each stage 5 times per day and reset attempts with 30 Diamonds. The maximum Contracts you can get is 6, you only get 6 contracts if your score is within the specified range.

Skills – you’ll have to use them very strategically, or not at all. I did mention which skill I used for each outfit. However if you find that your score is too low with any outfit, use Smile but be careful with it:)

Stage 1: Kimi’s Request

Score Range: 15000 – 25000 Points above opponent

Skills: Only use Smile when your opponent uses Critical Eye.
Style: Lively Warm Pure Mature Simple 
Score: 72711
Hair: Long-hair Doll
Dress: Miss Apron or Hibernation 
Coat: Nanny’s Gift 
Socks: Fresh Socks, Cloud Walk
Shoes: Fresh Snow Boots 
Earrings: Snow Pompon Big

Stage 2: Demon’s Clinic 

Score Range: 25000-35000 above opponent

IMG_2893 2
Skills: Do not use any skills
Style: Sexy Elegance Cool Cute Gorgeous 
Score: 85050
Hair: Gothic Lolita
Dress: Magical Realm Kite Elf
Coat: Pink Wings
Socks: Snow White Body
Shoes: Night Gothic
Makeup: Peach Sweetheart
Headwear: Wreath Handband
Necklace: Purple Bowtie
Bracelet: Hope Ring
Skills: Do not use any skills
Style: Sexy Elegance Cool Cute Gorgeous 
Score: 79624
Hair: Gothic Lolita
Dress: Magical Realm Kite Elf
Coat: Pink Wings
Socks: Diva’s Anklet & Marine Flower
Shoes: Drunken Dream
Makeup: Peach Sweetheart
Headwear: Full Bloom – Rare
Necklace: Eternal Necklace
Bracelet: Hope Ring

Stage 3: Peachy’s Trial (1)

Score Range: 10000-20000 above opponent

Skills: Do not use any skills
Style: Cute Cool Simple Sexy Lively
Score: 69807
Hair: Little Nurse
Dress: Angel in White
Socks: Nurse Stockings
Shoes: Nurse Shoes
Stage 4: Peachy’s Trial (2)
Score Range: 20000-30000 above opponent
Skills: Do not use any skills
Style: Mature Gorgeous Elegance Warm Sexy
Score: 76219
Hair: Marionette Black
Dress: Pigeon Manor
Socks: Marine Flower – Rare
Shoes: Array of Stars
Makeup: Pigeon Maid
Headwear: Full Bloom
Earrings: Denim Earrings
Necklace: Noble Cape
Bracelet: Studded Bracelet
Handheld: Leather Purse

Stage 5: Peachy’s Trial (3)

Score Range: 5000-15000 above opponent
Skills: Do not use any skills
Style: Sexy Simple Cool Lively Mature
Score: 64058
Hair: Future Girl – Gold
Dress: Future Space
Socks: Middle Fishnet Socks
Shoes: Nipped Boots – Black
Makeup: Northern Soldier
Earrings: Denim Earrings
Bracelet: Studded Bracelet, Punk Bracelet

16 thoughts on “Clinic’s Secret

  1. Stage 5: Peachy’s Trial: I’m not far enough to have the Future Space Dress, so I used Cowgirl coat, Western Spirit – Rare, and Fearless – Rare. I used the skills Smile, Crit. Eye, Picky, and Charming and freed the spirit. Everything else of the set that was suggested (aside from the dress and skills) was the same. Hope this helps out those that might not be far enough along.


  2. Please help, I set the spirit free in the 5th stage but I can’t move onto the 6th stage? Has this happened to anyone else?


    1. Hi! You’re supposed to get the bubble:) S rating is not what we’re looking for during this event, the ghost means you were able to score within the specified range and you’re scoring the maximum amount of Contracts by obtaining the ghost:)!


  3. Where do you get the dress Miss Apron or Hibernation. I’ve looked all over for it. Stage one is the only one I can’t get the demon contract to release more than one. I can only get a B.


    1. Hi, unfortunately Miss Apron is obtainable at the Pavillon of Fantasy and Pavillon of Mystery. But you can obtain Hibernation by crafting it:) it’s a very useful piece!


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