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Stylist Association

Hello Stylists!

This is a guide for the Stylist Association located below the Mystery House. The Stylist Association is where you can access a lot of awesome features. You’ll be able to chat with other members of the association, get exclusive items and benefits, and most importantly complete Commissions – Basically extra stages with special drop items:)

Creating an Association

Creating an Association has some requirements:

  • Have passed Maiden 3-2
  • Have 600+ items in your wardrobe
  • It costs 300 Diamonds

Perks of creating your own Association:

  • You get to choose the name and symbol of your association
  • You get to choose who joins your association
    • You can have up to 20 members when you first create your association and once your association levels up, the number of members increases
  • You don’t have to keep applying to associations hoping they’ll accept your application.

Joining an Association

Creating an Association has only one requirement: To have passed Maiden 3-2.

To join an association, simply ‘Search’ by Association ID, by ‘Hot’ Association list, find an association you like and ‘Apply’. The number of association is very low compared to the number of players so it can take a while before an association accepts your application. Just keep applying until an association accepts your application!

Note that a lot of associations have their own specific requirements, for example they will only accept players that are active everyday or are at level X. And if you’re not active  in the Association everyday they can kick you out of their association:( Try to find an association that will match your gaming style:)

Perks of joining an association:

  • You don’t have to spend Diamonds
  • No wardrobe requirement

I decided to join an association rather than create one:) just because when it first started I joined an association and now I don’t feel like starting my own!

Once you’re accepted in an Association or you’ve created your own, you’ll be able to see: Members, Commission, Association Store, Bulletin, and Library.


General info.:

Activeness: Each week you’re ranked based on how active you are in the Association. There are a few Free things that can be done everyday (more on that below) that benefit you and increase your activeness rank, which ultimately increases the Association’s growth and Rank.

Association Coins: You’ll only be able to buy items and benefits by using Association Coins, which are obtained by doing various activities in the Association.

Leaving Association: If for any reason you decide to leave the association you’re in, you’ll have to wait 24 hours before being able to apply to another association. You will be able to keep any benefits bought and Association Coins.


Allows you to see other members in your Association. Here, you can see each member’s activeness level of the week, this is reset every Monday.


Here you can buy items that are unique to the Association store, such as the ‘Sapphires the Phantom Thief’ Suit which is only available here. You can also buy dyes and patterns here, I get mine here instead of buying them from the Store of Starlight:)


Here you can chat with other members of the Association.


In the Library you can exchange Association Coins for some awesome benefits, ‘Sort Materials. and ‘Donate Book’.


Sort Materials:

You can ‘Sort Materials’ once every day for free. And two more times for 8800 Gold each time. Every time you ‘Sort Materials’ You obtain 5 Association Coins and 1 Activeness point, so you should do it at least once a day since it’s free:)

Donate Book:

You can ‘Donate book’ up to 3 times every day. Donating a book costs 88 Diamonds, you obtain 18 Association Coins, and 3 Activeness points each time.

My Books:

These are some awesome benefits that are applicable in normal story mode. Each book gives you different advantages, and as your Association grows you’ll be able to ‘Continue Reading’ and increase your benefits.

  • Cloud Adventure: Increases Score by x%
  • Red Hood: Increases Stamina by x
  • Star Seer: Increases gold by x%

So for example if you ‘read’ Star Seer, every time you play stages in ‘Start Journey’ your gold will increase by x%!





General info. –

  • You have 5 free attempts every day.
  • You can buy 5 extra attempts for 25 Diamonds per attempt.
  • Every time you ‘attempt’ a stage, you can obtain up to 5 Association Coins (Depending on your rank score) – 5 Coins for S rank. You also obtain 2 activeness points. Some items will also drop randomly (Starwish Hairpin, Pendant, and Earrings). These can be exchanged for amazing outfits at the ‘Workshop’

Stages –

There are currently two Acts in the Commission, I believe more will be added later. Each act has 7 stages. You’ll need to have a progress of 100% to complete one stage and move on to the next. Your score contributes to the % you contribute to the stage. To be able to move to the next stages faster, each member needs to contribute.


Once you’ve completed a stage, you’ll obtain some items that can be exchanged in the ‘Workshop’.

Note that once your association has completed one stage, you will not be able to go back to a previous stage until you’ve completed the whole Act (Then it starts all over again).

Daily Rewards –

Every day you’ll obtain rewards if your Association has met a certain point requirement, the more you’ve scored collectively, the higher your reward. You will have to have contributed to the score (the previous day) in order to obtain the reward! Also if you’re ranked in the Top 3 of your association, you’ll get some extra rewards.


Workshop –

You can access the ‘Workshop’ on the top right of the screen. Here you’ll be able to exchange the Starwish Hairpin, Pendant, and Earrings for the Ink Tale, Pure Lotus, Dream Dress, and Fairy Tale Cutie outfits:)

Act 1 First Request

1-1: Pajamas Party

Will update soon!

1-2: Morning Jog

Style: Simple Lively Pure Cool Cute 
Tag: Sports
Style: Simple Lively Pure Cool Cute 
Tag: Sports
Score: 41678 (S)
Hair: Romeo
Top: Hollow Wings – Blue
Bottom: Fearless
Coat: Sakura Raincoat
Socks:  Memorial of Growth 
Shoes: Learning Journey
Makeup: Northern Soldier
Headwear: Bunny Headwear, Red Satin – Rare
Earring: Star Earrings
Necklace: Natural Gift, Maiden – Neck 
Handheld: Gift Box, Red Hat’s Basket
Special: Stave
1-3: Bikini Duel
1-3: Bikini Duel
Style: Simple Elegance Pure Cool Cute 
Tag: Swimsuit
Score: 54786 (S)
Hair: Iceworld Whisper – Brown
Top: Beach Dress
Coat: Calla
Socks:  Sci-Fi Soul
Shoes: Sunny Day – Green
Makeup: Cloud Lady
Headwear: Wide Hat – Rare
Earring: Loving Earrings
Necklace: Winter Present
Bracelet: Red Watch
Handheld: Green Tea Parasol
Special: Talent’s View, Elegant Angel
1-4: Winter in Lilith
Style: Cute Pure Simple Lively Warm
Score: 79894 (S)
Hair: Lop – Rare 
Dress: Mori Girl & Reindeer
Coat: Nanny’s Gift
Socks: Bunny’s Favorite, Fresh Socks
Shoes: Fresh Snow Boots
Makeup: Swan of Innocence
Necklace: Sprig Necklace, Snowflake Cocoa
Headwear: Ablaze Beauty – Hat, Red Cloak – Rare
Earring: Snow Pompom – Big
Bracelet: Catkins Bracelet, Fluffy Cuff – Rare
Handheld: Velvet Bag
Special: Relaxing Bubble Gum
1-5: Cicia Music Concert
Style: Cool Sexy Elegance Gorgeous Cute
Tag: Gothic
Score: 56269 (S)
Hair: Gothic Lolita
Dress: Magical Realm Kite Elf
Coat: Stranger
Socks: The Doll
Shoes: Night Gothic
Makeup: Wound of Nirvana / Peach Sweetheart
Headwear: Fox Mask
Earring: Loving Earrings
Necklace: Ice Crystal Chain
Bracelet: Beach Wrist
Handheld: Tarot Cards, Silver Foam
Waist: Lily Belt
Special: Plume of White Swan – Dream
1-6: Star Sea Celebration
Style: Cool Sexy Mature Gorgeous Elegance
Score: 65651 (S)
Hair: Make beautiful
Dress: Flower in Mirror
Coat: Plumage of Snowland
Socks: Elf Anklet Epic, Black Desire
Shoes: Floral Brocade
Makeup: Pigeon Maid / Wound of Nirvana 
Headwear: Elves’ Headwear
Earring: Floral Tassel
Necklace: Desire Black Diamond, Milky Way 
Bracelet: Black Diamond Bracelet, Intelligent Data
Handheld: Jade Pipe, Dark Cane – Rare
Special: Hologram, Thief’s Mask – Rare, Suspension’s Wings – Virus


1-7: Rose Tea Party
Style: Warm Sexy Cute Gorgeous Lively
Tag: Lolita
Score: 60419 (S)
Hair: Gothic Lolita
Top: Night Ruin
Bottom: Mask of Night
Coat: Rose Garden
Socks: Fairy Tale – Epic
Shoes: Cute Tea-cup  Rabbit
Makeup: Carrot Dream
Headwear: Rose Hat, Red Cloak – Epic
Earring: Afternoon Tea Party
Necklace: Rose Necklace
Bracelet: Romantic rock and roll, Laurel Bracelet, Fluffly Cuff – Rare
Handheld: Rose Love
Waist: Rose Belt
Special: Puff Handbag, Memorial day, Cruising Devil

Act 2 Cloud Empire

2-1: Travel Gain

Style: Warm Pure Gorgeous Mature Elegance
Tag: Chinese Classical
Hair: Dragon Maiden 
Dress: Ancient Tomb
Coat: Quiyong Moon
Socks: Cloud Walk, Lunar Ripple
Shoes: White Brocade Shoes
Makeup: Scented Snow
Headwear: Moonstone Headress
Earring: Fringed Earrings – Pink 
Necklace: Moonstone Necklace
Bracelet: Moonstone Bracelet
Handheld: Snowy Maple Leaf 
Special: Hibiscus Fairy, Lunar Fragrance, Everlasting Moonbeam
2-2: Filia Debutante Ball
Style: Cool Sexy Gorgeous Mature Elegance
Score: 72311 (S)
Hair: Tender Charm
Dress: Dancing Queen
Coat: Flower Moon Cloak
Socks: Galaxy Sock Welts, Black Desire
Shoes: Sweet Chocolate Epic
Makeup: Pigeon Maid
Headwear: Asterism
Earring: First Bloom – Rare
Necklace: Ice Crystal Chain, Noble Cape
Bracelet: Black Diamond Bracelet, Ice Crystal Gloves
Handheld: Silver Foam, Light Cane – Rare
Special: Thief’s Mask – Rare, Plume of Black Swan – Dream
2-3: Cute-Style Interview
Will Update Soon!
2-4: Cold or Elegant
Style: Cool Pure Gorgeous Mature Elegance
Score: 55746 (S)
Hair: Elf – Gold
Dress: Nightly Spirit
Coat: Plumage of Snowland
Socks: Galaxy Sock Welts, Lunar Knight
Shoes: Sweet Chocolate Epic
Makeup: Moment Like a Dream
Headwear: Asterism
Earring: Fringed Earrings – Pink
Necklace: Noble Cape, Snow Diamond Chain
Bracelet: Black Diamond Bracelet, Enchanting Gloves
Handheld: Silver Foam, Light Cane – Rare
Special: Plume of Black Swan – Dream, Everlasting Moonbeam
2-5: Strange Order
Style: Cool Pure Cute Elegance Gorgeous
Tag: Maiden
Score: 56326 (S)
Hair: Flower Bud – Rare
Dress: Chocolate Housemaid
Coat: Delicious Apron
Socks: Vanilla Milkshake – Rare
Shoes: Sweet Chocolate Epic
Makeup: Moment Like a Dream
Headwear: Sweet Maid – Neckwear
Earring: Fringed Earrings – Pink
Necklace: Housemaid Necklace 
Bracelet: Sweet Housemaid – Cuff
Handheld: Aria of Morning Glory, Camellia Branch 
Special: Rabbit Tail, Butterfly Dance
2-6: Latest  Sailor Suit
Style: Cool Pure Cute Simple Lively
Tag: Navy
Score: 66685 (S)
Hair: Flower Bud – Rare
Top: Sailor Suit Top
Bottom: Fresh Peach – Culottes
Coat: Hot Summer – Red
Socks: Fairy Tale – Rare
Shoes: Seashore Sandals
Makeup: Fairy Tale Cutie
Headwear: Sailor Cap
Earring: Cherry Earrings – Long
Necklace: Crawler
Bracelet: Red Sandalwood Bead
Handheld: Rhombic Nail, Kunai
Special: Puff Handbag, Relaxing Bubble Gum, Memorial Day
2-7: Hika’s Cloud Style
Style: Cute Warm Pure Simple Elegance
Tag: Modern China
Score: 59250 (S)
Hair: Pretty Lady – Black
Top: Blue Porcelain – Top
Bottom: Tea Picking Tune Skirt
Coat: Shade of Ink
Socks: Marine Flower
Shoes: Swaying Willow
Makeup: Cloud Lady
Headwear: Moonstone Headress 
Necklace: Moonstone Necklace, Festival Atmosphere
Bracelet: Exquisite Bracelet 
Handheld: Rhombic Nail, Kunai
Special: Everlasting Moonbeam

I hope this helps:) Let me know if you have any questions!

2 thoughts on “Stylist Association

  1. I downloaded this game just the other day and thanks for all this helpful information. I didn’t even know there was that misty pavilion and wondered why the exclamation point wouldn’t go away from the mystery house, but thanks to you I now know lol! But I’m still confused about the stylist association… how do you know when you’ve joined One? I keep applying and then I’ll come and check back later and it says “you haven’t applied or youre already in an association.” Which either means I’ve been rejected from all the ones I’ve applied to or I’m already in One? But if I am in one I would probably know… I’m just confused. Thanks for the help!


    1. Hi! I’m glad to help:) There are so many features, it can be so confusing sometimes, haha! You’ll know you’re in an association when you see the screen with ‘Members, Commission, Shop, Bulletin, and Library’ You’ll also see details about the association you’re in on the top of the screen. It’s tough to get in an association, most receive so many applications, they don’t even go through all of them. Just keep applying and you’ll eventually get in one:)!


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