Midsummer Event Guide

Hello everyone,

I know this is super late and there is only a day left for the event. I’m really sorry, I recently started a new job and it’s been amazing but it’s also been keeping me away from the game and the blog! I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do write a post on all events going forward, but I’ll try my best!

The goal of the event is to obtain as many points as possible.

  • Every day you get 5 Attempts
  • Each attempt costs you 4 Staminas – If you fail a stage (F), only your stamina will be consumed, it will not use up an attempt
  • Every 100k Points will allow you to open the ‘Night Gift Box’. Opening the box will give you random items (Coins, Diamonds, Stamina) but also parts of Miss Anna, that you can evolve!
  • As you score points you’ll be able to claim designs of the Queen of Deer Elf, claiming the design will not consume your points:)

Tip: Once you’ve evolve Miss Anna to it’s final stage, DO NOT evolve or decompose the parts of Miss Anna you have left as you will need them to craft Queen of Deer Elf:)


Here are the outfits I used for A Midsummer Night’s Dream:

1 – Encounter the Elf:

Score: 51799
Style: Cute, Lively, Gorgeous, Cool, Pure
Tag: Fairy
Hair: Water – Rare
Dress: Princess Jellyfish
Coat: Plumage of Snowland
Socks: Fairy Tale – Epic
Shoes: Rose Heart
Makeup: Fairy Tale Cutie
Headwear: Jellyfish Glow – Rare
Earring: Sapphire Sea – Rare
Necklace: Miracle Necklace
Bracelet: Red Watch, Magic Destiny
Handheld: Clouds Folding Fan, Berry Shepherd Stick
Waist: Dream Yarn
Special: Relaxing Bubble Gum, Guard Shine, Rabbit Tail, Butterfly Dance, Everlasting Moonbeam

2 – The Second Test

Score: 64888
Style: Cute, Elegance, Gorgeous, Cool, Pure
Tag: Kimono
Hair: Tranquil Time – Epic
Dress: Rustling Bamboo
Socks: Fallen Flower
Shoes: Firelight – Rare
Makeup: Northern Soldier
Headwear: Fox Mask 
Earring: First Bloom – Epic
Necklace: Shore Flower – Epic
Bracelet: Red Sandalwood Bead, Oceanic – Epic
Handheld: Fish Love, Japanese Fan -Rhyme
Special: Light of Firefly, Everlasting Moonbeam

3 – The Second Test

Score: 52635
Style: Cute Lively, Sexy, Pure, Cool, Gorgeous
Tag: None
Hair: Rose Maiden – Pink
Dress: Rustling Bamboo – Flowers
Coat: Star Prophecy
Socks: Orchid Love
Shoes: Orchid Dream – Rare
Makeup: Moon Tonight
Headwear: Moon Fairy – White 
Earring: Galaxy Earrings
Necklace: Housemaid Necklace 
Bracelet: Lotus Leaf Tassel, Nikki’s Dance Bracelet
Handheld: Time Pestie, Moon Knot
Waist: Lily Belt
Special: Rabbit Tail, Plume of Black Swan – Dream

4 – The Third Test

Score: 52635
Style: Mature, Sexy, Warm, Gorgeous, Lively
Tag: Rock
Hair: Beautiful Agent
Top: Studded Tube Top
Bottom: Rock Singer
Coat: Hard Rock
Socks: Studded Sock Welts, Middle Fishnet Socks
Shoes: Studded Boots
Makeup: Pigeon Maid 
Headwear: Lace Bunny Ears
Earring: Star-ring Earrings
Necklace: Noble Cape, Boneteeth Necklace 
Bracelet: Punk Bracelet, Studded Gloves
Handheld: Gift Box, Leather Purse
Waist: White Belt
Special: Manjukasa, Cruising Devil

5 – Farewell to the Elf

Score: 56373
Style: Simple, Lively, Cute, Cool, Pure
Tag: Pajamas 
Hair: Reind
Top: Panda Pajamas – Top
Bottom: Panda Pajamas – Bottom
Coat: Demeanor – Blue
Socks :Fairy Tale – Rare
Shoes: Panda Pajamas – Slippers
Makeup: Northern Soldier
Headwear: Panda Pajamas – Nightcap, Red Cloak – Rare
Earring: Star Earrings
Necklace: Galaxy Necklace 
Bracelet: Red Watch, Magic Destiny
Handheld: Rhombic Nail, Gentle Dance
Special: Stave, Cruising Devil, Memorial Day



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