Hi everyone! Update: The post is now up:) Let me know if you have any questions! Link: https://lovenikkiguide.com/2017/06/16/elves-under-moon-prom/ _ The Elves' Under-Moon Ball Event is out and I'm so excited about the beautiful outfits we can get!   Just a short announcement: I'll try to make a guide for this event by the end of the… Continue reading Announcement

Act 9 · Walkthrough

Act 9

Hi everyone:) Below are the outfits I used in Act 9 Princess Mode (I just completed it - So happy!!). Act 9 has several 'Special Seek' Stages for which I had to craft some items. The most challenging one was act 9-9, you'll need parts of the Assassin's Faith outfit - you need 'Assassin Faith' (the… Continue reading Act 9