Clinic’s Secret

Hi everyone! This is a guide for the Clinic's Secret Guide. The event duration is June 28th to July 4th! The event itself is broken down into two activities. First activity: Personality test You basically have to answer a series of questions and depending on your choice, you'll get 50% off the White Demon suit… Continue reading Clinic’s Secret

My Wardrobe


Hello Stylists! Below is a list of the Dresses I’ve collected so far. If you are interested to see what a dress look like before investing in crafting or evolving an item, or you just want to see what they look like when being worn, see below! As I collect more, I’ll update this blog post.… Continue reading Dress

Basics · Skills


Hi everyone! It's very important that you level-up your skills as it really improves your scores and often makes the difference between an 'A' and 'S'. Not to mention the advantage in the Stylist's Arena. You can upgrade and learn more about your skills by going to on your profile as showed below. Upgrading your… Continue reading Skills